Monday, 27 October 2014

Activity Sign-up Sheet

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The addition of Add-ons in Google Forms this week reminded me of how powerful Forms can be for signing up to limited capacity activities. There are some powerful tools released to limit form responses, but to make the most of these you need to be fairly proficient in Sheets and formulae.

Every 6 weeks at our school we have around 1000 students choose from a list of around 50 'enrichment' activities. Our amazing librarian sends round paper copies to each form group asking for students top 4 choices, has to do a lot of data crunching, then has to deal with the fallout of a lot of students not getting what they want and asking to change.

I've designed a Sheet/Form combo that allows her to do the following:

1) Add a list of activities to a sheet and have them populate as choices on a form

2) Set the capacity for each activity - when it fills, the item is removed from the form preventing future submissions to choose it (see pic below)

3) A list of students is automatically populated for each activity (a roster/register)

4) A sheet allowing her to easily see which students have and haven't made selections

If you'd like to use the sheet yourself - you can make a copy here.

There are a few simple instructions on the sheet which you can translate into any language you would like!

I'd love to hear if you use it how you get on and what kind of things you've used it for.

Some possible thoughts:
- Parent/Teacher workshops (set activities as a list of times and set capacity to 1)
- Extra-curricular activities
- Lunch choices
- Art project supplies
- IT room hire
- and many more...
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