Tuesday, 5 April 2016

rowLink - Share personalised rows with students from one spreadsheet

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Have you ever had a spreadsheet with loads of data that students would benefit from being able to access? Grades, attendance, comments, feedback etc.? Except that you don't want each student to be able to see each others' data. This has been really hard/cumbersome to achieve - until now!

Introducing rowLink!

This free webapp allows you to share individual rows from a spreadsheet with students, as long as you have their emails in row A. It's very simple to set up - simply copy and paste the spreadsheet URL you want to share and voila! 

You'll get a link which you can share with students however you want - email it to them, put it on a website or on your Google Classroom.

Here's a quick video guide:

You can get the app from here: tinyurl.com/rowlink (you can bookmark it for later).

NOTE: You'll need to set the spreadsheet sharing settings to 'Anyone with the link can view'.

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